Elzbieta Cosmetics

Mrs. Brand – Garnys

Elzbieta Ewa Brand-Garnys (M.Sc.) completed her study at the
Polytechnical University of Lodz, Poland. During her academic
education, she specialised in textile chemistry and the chemistry
of dyes and pigments. In Poland, she was active in a number of
disciplines, including decorative cosmetics.
After moving to The Netherlands in 1984 Mrs.Brand-Garnys
focused on natural waxes and oleochemicals, waterborne
rheological additives, botanical extracts & emulsion technology,
and has more than ample experience in the formulation of
consumer products, including performance testing, consumer
safety, claim substantiation, upscaling & production and consumer
product marketing. Mrs.Brand-Garnys is internationally considered
as one of the top experts relative to her particular expertise.
She has dedicated herself to the formulation of cosmeceutical
products and their functionality substantiation in personal care
& cosmetic products and OTC products. Mrs.Brand-Garnys
published a large number of papers in the domestic and
international personal care & cosmetic magazines and is a
respected member of the IFSCC.


Dr.Hans Marcel Brand completed his study at the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands, where he also obtained his Ph.D. (subject: stability of pyrazol-5-on azomethine dyes). He is specialised in natural waxes & oleochemicals, rheological additives and gives broad coverage to organic chemistry applied to consumer products such as personal care & cosmetics, food, pharmacy, coatings, household products, I & I products and polymers. Rheology and instrumental techniques are significant specialisations.

He has a broad experience with consumer products starting at the earliest product brief until the time that the product will be sold in the retail outlets.
Dr.Brand published a large number of papers in the domestic and international personal care & cosmetic magazines. He is also a frequent speaker on international conferences and seminars and conduct courses on an academic level on cosmetic chemistry. Dr.Brand is also member of the scientific committee of SPC and a member of the IFSCC.